LDDB is a company meant to promote and facilitate development of dairy, meat, poultry and allied livestock industry in the country to achieve the potential of livestock sector in the country. Livestock development is not being looked as only the tool for poverty reduction but is considered as an engine of rural and economic growth in Pakistan . The specific objectives of LDDB are:

1. Plan, promote, facilitate and coordinate the accelerated development of and investment in the dairy, meat, poultry, and allied livestock sectors.

2. Institute studies for the identification of bottlenecks in the development of Livestock, Poultry and Dairy sectors and propose remedial measures.

3. Promote and facillitate marketing of livestock & livestock products.

4. Organize, promote and facilitate producer-owned & controlled organizations.

5. Undertake capacity building of all stakeholders.

6. Facilitate, promote and support the development and dissemination of improved technologies for the livestock sector.