Project Name: Development of Strategy and Implementation Plan for the Progressive Control of Foot and Mouth Disease in Pakistan.

Location:         Through out the Pakistan


  1. Enhance productivity of existing livestock dairy, Poultry and fisheries resources through out Development of new technologies, scientific methods of farming and improved management practices.
  2. Exploit export potential of livestock, dairy, poultry and fisheries and their products.
  3. Promote import substitution of milk and dairy products.
  4. Ensure availability of credit for livestock farmers, especially the landless ones.
  5. Improve livestock marketing infrastructure.
  6. Strength institutions for livestock research and extension and improve their linkages and coordination.
  7. Development of National FMD control strategy including the role of various tiers of the government.
  8. Requirements for the strengthening the FMD disease diagnosis in the country
  9. The detail of modern FMD vaccine production facility in the country and its operational mechanism
  10. The final outcome of the study will be project document on the “Progressive Control of Foot and Mouth Disease in Pakistan.

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