1. Community mobilization and capacity building by establishing and re-vamping of Milk Producer Groups in federally administered areas.
  1. Motivation of farmers for establishment of Feedlot Fattening Farms for quality meat production through dissemination of improved fattening technologies and best management practices. Furthermore, salvation of male calves through supporting farming community for establishment of calf rearing farms.
  1. Support to Need Based Milk Outlets and supply of quality inputs for availability of milk and meat in project targeted areas.

Location of Project:

 The project horizon is ICT, AJK, GB and FATA

Project Director:

Dr. Mastan Ali

Office:051-9255701-2 (ext.108) Fax:051-9255703

e-mail: mastan151412@gmail.com

Filed Operations Manger in ICT 

Dr. Zahid ul Quddos Bhutta

Contact No. (0333-5161012)

Filed of Operations Manager in Kohat

Adbdul Rehman Bangush

Contact No. (03318212663)

Filed of Operations Manager in Gilgit Baltistan

 Jarar Hussain

Contact No. (0300-9309191)

Filed of Operations Manager in AJK

Dr. Nawaz Dharejo

Contact No. (03335758185)