Q.1  Where is the head office of LDDB located?

A. 76-W, Ummer Plaza , Jinah Avenue , Blue Area, Islamabad .

Q.2 What is the goal of LDDB?

A. To increase the availability of Meat, Milk and their products in the country

Q.3 Is board provides loans for the purchase of livestock and construction of sheds?

A. No. loans can get from commercial banks i.e ZTBL

Q.4 How much financial assistance board gives to its registered farmers?

A. up to 15% in shape of veterinary cover, artificial insemination and better

fodder seeds milk cooling tank balanced ration e.t.c

Q.5 Will board help in marketing of collected milk?

A. Not directly involves in marketing but facilitate only

Q.6 How one farmer can get technical assistance from the board?

A. Board has established provincial offices at Lahore , Peshawar , Quetta and Hyderabad along with field staff.

Q.7 Is the board provides some kind of printed material for farmers?

A. yes board has brushers and feasibility reports for the farmers.