Project Name:  Promotion of Livestock Farming in Balochistan

Location:         Baochistan Province



  1. Enhance productivity of existing livestock dairy, poultry and fisheries resources through development of new technologies, Scientific methods of farming and improved management practices.
  2. Exploit export potential of livestock, dairy, poultry and fisheries and their products.
  3. Promote import substitution of milk and dairy products.
  4. Ensure availability of credit for live stock farmers, especially the landless ones.
  5. Improve livestock marketing infrastructure.
  6. Strengthening institution for livestock research, extension and improve their linkages and coordination.
  7. Genetic improvement of important sheep breeds of Balochistan.
  8. Development of Baghnari Cattle as beef breed
  9. Improving small holders dairy farming practices in the selected districts
  10. Capacity building of stakeholders for improved milk and meat production.