In spite of the fact that Pakistan is one the major milk producing countries in the world, its dairy industry still struggles to maintain the supply to meet the ever increasing demand for dairy products. Part of challenge to boost the efficiency of production in Pakistan is to utilize the wonderful resources available to dairy framers more effectively. The Australian Government has provided funding, through the ASLP, for project to implement within Pakistan aimed at increasing the dairy production of small holder dairy farms by improving current extension services. The target area of the project is the Okara and Bhakkar.
The two main themes of the project are:

  • To provide support for a model system of small holder dairy production
  • To capture and enhance the knowledge relevant to smallholder dairy


 The main objectives of the project are:

  • To demonstrate the economic and social benefits of improve extension services small holder dairy farmers.
  • To enhance the scope and quality of information used for training extension personnel
  • To enhance the research capacity of Pakistani scientist in priority fields relevant to the ongoing development of the dairy sector
  • To promote the benefits of agency linkages and enhanced extension services to National and Provincial research and extension agencies and NGO groups


A major component of the project is the collation of the vast amounts of information hidden within the literature and research station records around the country. For this aspect of the project we will need to access, discuss and compile research for various institutes around Pakistan. The project will culminate in workshops to train extension and university personnel in various aspects of dairy production. In doing this we hope to create linkages between the various company’s and groups associated with dairy industry in Pakistan and Australia.