Mission Statement: Promoting livestock and poultry development in the country for economic growth and poverty reduction

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Livestock Genetic Resources of Pakistan

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Pakistan is endowed with a large livestock population well-adapted to the local environmental conditions. It includes the best dairy breeds of buffalo and good dairy breeds of tropical cattle. Many breeds of cattle, buffaloes, sheep and goats have good meat production potential. Poultry sector has shown excellent growth in the last 4 decades. However, overall growth rate of the sector has not been impressive. This can primarily be attributed to the policy and biological factors.

Livestock in Pakistan is an important component of mixed crop-livestock farming system. Subsistence livestock farming still occupies a major share in the production system. Major constraints for livestock development in the country are unavailability of germplasm of known potential, inadequate feed resources, occurrence of epidemics of infectious diseases, poor marketing infrastructure, low investment by government, p oor institutional infrastructure, out-dated regulatory framework and limited credit availability.

Profitability of the sector has to be improved for investment in the sector. Technology and capital are two important components to improve productivity of the sector. Livestock and Dairy Development Board (LDDB) will spearhead the efforts to transform the livestock sector to a commercially profitable venture. LDDB will coordinate efforts in livestock development by the public and private sectors.

I believe livestock development can make significant contribution towards fast track economic growth and poverty alleviation in the country.

Dr. Qurban Ali
Chief Executive Officer
Livestock and Dairy Development Board