Name of the Project:


Development of Yak at High Altitude Areas of Pakistan (GB)

Location of the Project:  

The project will be executed on demand driven basis throughout in10 districts of Gilgit-Baltistan, The project will interface with different stakeholders in public and private sectors.

Authorities Responsible for Sponsoring:  Ministry o Food Security and Research, Islamabad


The project activities will be undertaken by LDDB (established under section 42, of the Companies Ordinance 1984) Gilgit-Baltistan through public and other entities  and interested non-government organizations as approved by LDDB Islamabad
Operation & Maintenance: After completion of the project, all activities and operations will be self-sustaining and will be running in the private sector however support would be continued further for a short period of (one year) time till self-sustainable entrepreneur.

Physical Achievements  (July – April 2019)

Components Targets Achievements
Capacity building of yak farmers 225 22
Yak bulls supply to yak clusters 30 12
Yak semen insemination in  cows 2000 In Process
To register yak farms for fattening 225 75
No of yak and FI (Zho) to be fattened 8000 1187
To establish butcheries shops 5-10 Next Year


Dr. Mastan Ali Project Incharge
LDDB regional office Gilgit-Baltistan
Heli chowk near Gilgit-Baltistan Council (Commissioner Inland Revenue ),

Jutial Gilgit Ph# 05811-920382 Fax 05811-920383