Name of the Project:


Development of Yak at High Altitude Areas of Pakistan (GB)

Location of the Project:  

The project will be executed on demand driven basis throughout in10 districts of Gilgit-Baltistan, The project will interface with different stakeholders in public and private sectors.

Authorities Responsible for Sponsoring:  Ministry o Food Security and Research, Islamabad


The project activities will be undertaken by LDDB (established under section 42, of the companies Ordinance 1984) Gilgit-Baltistan through public and other entities  and interested non-government organizations as approved by LDDB Islamabad
Operation & Maintenance: After completion of the project, all activities and operations will be self-sustaining and will be running in private sector however support would be continued further for a short period of (one year) time till self sustainable entrepreneur.

Dr. Mastan Ali Project Incharge
LDDB regional office Gilgit-Baltistan
Heli chowk near Gilgit-Baltistan Council (Commissioner Inland Revenue ),

Jutial Gilgit Ph# 05811-920382 Fax 05811-920383